RHEL3 upgrade to RHEL5

I didn’t know you could do an upgrade in RHEL to a different version. Apparently you can, if you’re registered and can download the iso’s. Burn them to disc, put disc1 in, reboot the machine, and follow the prompts. You’ll be upgraded shortly after!

<3 linux.

First of all, a quote

Weak points are developed by NOT doing the stuff you suck at. – Dave Tate

We weren’t able to go to the meet due to some unforeseen circumstances.


I will get down to the 275lb class and hopefully put up some impressive numbers for a first time meet. Pending what the doc says, here are the numbers I will be after in February:

Squat: 650
Deadlift: 650
Bench: 400

I squatted 455 with knee wraps and a belt about a month or 2 ago and it flew up, so with a suit I’m looking to get some decent weight up. I haven’t tested my deadlift at all lately, but the speed days are rocking for my deads. One of my training partners says that it’s definitely my lift, so 650 is a number I believe that will explode for me. Time for tons of grip work. Bench is, by far, my weakest lift due to leverages. I have longer arms and virtually no arch, so that makes it harder. Hopefully the gear I’ll be getting will push me over the edge. If I hit a 400lb bench in February that’ll be about a 150-170lb increase from where I was in January of this year. Beginner gains? Probably. Gear helping a lot? Probably. My best bench to date is 285 raw, but my best 2″ rack lockout was 455 and 4″ lockout was 385. Now, I just hit a PR on 2boards of 315×2 raw and think that can fly up with proper tricep, delt and chest development over the next 6 months. With my HPHD Blast shirt and 315 on the bar I couldn’t touch and the right side flew up. The left side was a different matter as I had shooting pains down my arm, probably due to pinching a nerve and not having my wrists wrapped properly. 275 with the shirt was a joke. I couldn’t get it to touch and it felt like it was coming out of my hands because it flew up so fast. Remember, the shirt work was in February and we’ve been dieting since April (off and on..shut up). If I can get down to 275 while increasing this lift I think 400 should be a reasonable goal. I will hit a 1600lb total.

Thanks goes out to Mike and Clint for adopting me into their crew and pushing me, Adam for having a kickass gym with the right equipment, and to all of the lifters I’ve seen on youtube for motivation.