Quick Rant

There are some things I am sick of hearing about over the past couple weeks.


Why is there such fascination over a phone? The technology has been around for about 100 years and people are still excited. Sure, you can get on the internet and do some neat stuff, but who cares? Stop having your orgasms over a piece of technology which should have come out 5+ years ago. The phones come out tomorrow and this iPhone Eve has produced more useless ramblings on the internet since Al Gore “created” it. STFU already.

Chris Benoit:

Why is it that only people in celebrity positions get their dirty laundry aired? What happened to equality? I am so sick of hearing all of the nonsense that surrounds his death. Sure, it’s sad, but get over it. Things happen. There is no reason to keep speculating until all of the tests have been finalized and reports given by coroners and medical folks. I am tired of seeing this crap on TV. It’s old news right now. The same thing happened when Anna Nicole Smith died. Big freakin’ whoop. In my opinion, if you’re going to put things like that on the news then you should put EVERYONE’S stories on the news. If not, tell the story once and get the hell over it. There is a funny that I saw earlier – “Chris Benoit was really choked out by Matt Hughes”. 🙂

TV Shows about obesity:

Once again, who cares? There have always been people who are overweight. You’re highlighting the people who are too lazy to get out of bed. I was watching a show recently where the guy at over 35,000 calories per day. Now, I’ve done my fair share of eating, but damn. Do you have nothing better to do in life than to eat? What were you actually DOING before you got to that size. Not all of us can eat like Dave Tate. Then again, most of the world’s population don’t train like him either. Get off your ass, DO STUFF, and stop wasting taxpayers money because you were too lazy to try to be healthy and got on welfare.

I know what some are going to say, “Oh they have a _ problem”. Sure they do. Some of them have thyroid problems or whatever, but the main problem is that they are lazy. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and contact John Bernardi at Precision Nutrition so that he can get you out of bed and into shape. Get the gastric bypass surgery. Just DO something. TV – Stop glorifying it and help them do something. Remember, this is coming from a fat guy.

Reality shows in general:

Just stop. Please.

Virginia’s Greed:

Read this: http://www.roanoke.com/politics/wb/122360 Tell me what part of that isn’t greed. Where the hell is all of the other tax money going? This is just flat out ridiculous. I hope there are policemen/women reading this so they will see this statement. If I am already doing 20mph over, I have an emergency. If you try to pull me over you will be in for the pursuit of your life because I will not stop. What about people who get DUI’s? First time DUI’ers should definitely be punished, but can we guarantee that everyone will be treated the same way in court? That answer is a resounding NO. How will we know this money is going to be for transportation in this part of VA or further west? We won’t.

People with money will end up hiring $10,000/hr lawyers who will figure out loopholes and give the money back to them on the golf course, while not so rich people will be forced to pay the fines and then be forced to take 2nd or 3rd jobs. Reckless driving tickets will go up then because people will be tired. Way to generate recurring revenue, Virginia Congressmen! Congrats!

Buncha assholes.

Been a few days..

since i posted a food log. reason for this is i’ve been eating like crap and don’t really care right now. i have an appointment with the doctor today about my shoulder. once i’m able to train again i’ll be posting the log.