Solaris containers (zones) & more.

For you computer/server geeks out there, Solaris seems to be a great way to go for your virtualization needs. Read this article and see how it works.

There are so many advantages to Sun products at this time that I don’t know if I’ll be getting any other kind of name brand computer products. I’m seriously considering getting a loan for a desktop that Sun puts out. It’s got an AMD processor, which means it’s x86 hardware and pretty much any OS can run on it. 32gb ram, 2tb capacity, dual processors… unFunF! Let’s see Dell put out something like that for a DESKTOP PC!

Mortgage and interest.

I just used a mortgage calculator and….

There is no way in hell I will pay a bank over $150,000 in interest on a loan that is for less than that amount. The total cost of a house would be almost $300k, and I’m not down with that, especially after 20k for a downpayment! Looks like I’ll be trying to pay it off in record time because I’m not going to pay double the asking price for a fucking place to stay. I might as well get a flat rate loan from someone I know who is a sports bookie because I can get better rates from him.

I’d really like to hear what others have to say on this. I personally think that this is an extreme amount of money to be paid as interest, and would rather pay a flat interest fee. Looks like I’ll be trying to pay this place off in record time if I actually get it.

/endrant and thinking.

Wee? w00t?

Welp, I took the plunge. Yesterday, mom and I were looking at houses and found one that is pretty much perfect for me. It has 1800sqft, including the finished basement, a pretty big back yard, and parking for around 8 cars in the paved driveway.

I thought about it until around 7pm last night and called the realtor to tell her my bid. She wanted to make it official, so we went to her office and did all of the paperwork. Around 8:30pm she went to the seller’s house with my bid and they accepted on the spot. So it looks like I’ll be a homeowner sometime around December 4th.

Now for my dislikes: I have to paint. The previous owner has big bird yellow paint and some ugly ass barney purple. The entire basement is yellow, minus the carpet of course. They even painted the support beams in the basement yellow. WTF!?! The cabinets in the kitchen must be painted because I will not live with that purple-ish color on them. If anyone wants to help out with the painting, let me know. I’ll provide pizza and beer. Also, if anyone knows people who do contruction, I need someone to take out the floor to ceiling support beams in the basement and put in a huge wall to wall beam. This has to be done for me to put a 9’*4.5′ pool table in the basement.

Anyway, after closing I’ll be in debt for 30 years. Anyone wanting to donate to the “Get Blane out of Debt” fund can do so at anytime. Just call me for details lol.