Support our Troops & stuff.

If you don’t like the following statements, feel free to offer a rebuttal.

There are tons of bulletins floating around on Myspace asking people to support the troops. My question is, “Why?”.

I have family and friends in the military who are totally against this so-called war in Iraq. They are being forced to fight against people who have done nothing to the United States. Iraq and Saddam shouldn’t have tried taking over Kuwait, but once that was over everything should have been over. We stopped Iraq from taking over a country and that should have been that.

Think about it this way – Would you want to fight against people who haven’t done actual harm to us? Sure, once we were there, they started killing the U.S. soldiers, but why were we there in the first place? The Bush family has always been known in the oil industry and this is a war to protect their interests in big business. I believe that if there had been oil embargoes in place that the U.S. would have been researching more flex fuel options and alternatives to oil consumption, such as ethanol, biodiesel, and hydrogen. The government has been blinded by Bush’s influence and decided that, because of 9/11, it’s alright to try to demolish an entire country and force them into believing what the U.S. government believes. Doesn’t anyone realize that we had no problems with Iraq during the Clinton era?

Doesn’t this sound like a capitalism at its worst? This might fly in the business world but it’s tearing the world population to shreds. We’re supposed to support our government and its actions while our citizens are being killed in a war that shouldn’t even exist. Our husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and cousins are being killed because of money and the greed of the U.S. government.

In my humble opinion we should support the individuals who are risking their lives. Do not call them troops or soldiers. Call them family. I don’t want my family fighting for someone else’s interests. The Commander-In-Chief needs to go fight this “war” himself – if he has the balls. If he doesn’t, and we know he doesn’t, then this entire action should be dropped. All of the U.S. military should be returned home and the government should let Iraq do what it wants. If the citizens of another country can’t decide on what they want, it’s their problem – not ours.

If our nation and government is so dependent on “Christian Values” then why are we killing people? Nowhere in the Bible does it say that it’s okay to kill someone because they killed you. That “eye for an eye” theory was dead in the New Testament, since the Old Testament was too “strict” for people to follow. I believe The New Testament says you’re supposed to forgive and love, but maybe I interpret things incorrectly. Since people only follow the New Testament anyway, don’t you think they should follow it in its entirety? If you’re not going to do so then stop your hypocrisy. I’m sick of it. Stop saying you’re a “good Christian person” while you’re breaking the wishes of your Savior and killing people for your personal gain.
I know this is kind of sporadic and not entirely thought out, but that’s okay. It’s my blog and I’ll say what the hell I want.