Linux refresher

Welp, today I had to search my brain to figure out how to create new filesystems on a linux distribution since I’ve been focusing more on Solaris lately. Just incase others need this info and do google searches, I’ll put the info on here.

First thing you do is figure out how your disk is connected. Usually this is seen in the dmesg command. If you’re using SCSI with RAID, type mount. What you’ll see there is something like /dev/ida/c0d0p1. When you see that and you don’t see your other disks, try doing this command:

fdisk /dev/ida/c1d0

If it shows output that means you’ve found your disk!

From there you type “p” and press enter to show the partition table. “n” will allow you to create a new table and just follow the instructions after that. After completing the new table you type “w” to write the partition table to disk.
Once that’s done it’s time to make the filesystem. For this I use the mkfs command. Here is an example of the syntax:

mkfs -t ext3 /dev/ida/c1d0p1

Now you edit your /etc/fstab file with something like this:

/dev/ida/c1d0p1 /media ext3 defaults 0 0

Mount your new partition:

mount /media

And you’re done!