By the way, I forgot to mention that there are new house pics up in the gallery. If you’re too lazy to go back to the main site by clicking the link “back to”, then click here 🙂

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House pics

Here are the house pics I took on 12/17/06. I haven’t moved in and won’t until spring, so don’t diss me because of the colors and/or decor. 😛 HOUSE PICS!

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We closed on the house yesterday. I won’t be moving until sometime in spring. I’m renting the house back to the sellers so they can finish the building of their new place. They’re paying about 95% of my mortgage, so I’m essentially building credit for free, which is awesome. Anyone who wants to help paint […]

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Mortgage and interest.

I just used a mortgage calculator and…. There is no way in hell I will pay a bank over $150,000 in interest on a loan that is for less than that amount. The total cost of a house would be almost $300k, and I’m not down with that, especially after 20k for a downpayment! Looks […]

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Wee? w00t?

Welp, I took the plunge. Yesterday, mom and I were looking at houses and found one that is pretty much perfect for me. It has 1800sqft, including the finished basement, a pretty big back yard, and parking for around 8 cars in the paved driveway. I thought about it until around 7pm last night and […]

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