Week 1 Coming to a Close

This first week at the new job (and KY) has been, to put it nicely, interesting. I’ve met some pretty awesome people. I’ve gotten an apartment (with cable/internet installed in 2hrs! w00t!). I’ve been in the office every single day but haven’t been able to do much due to processing. In the meantime, I’ve been doing some HP-UX studying, drinking lots of coffee, and learning magic tricks from a co-worker.

I have to get Security+ certified. If anyone has tips and/or study guides they would like to pass on, feel free. I have to get it within a week or 2 so the cram session is coming. Oh yeah, if anyone has HP-UX cheat sheets or any GOOD information about how to do things within it then that would be great, too. Anything that’ll get me up to speed would be fantabulous.

I still have to unpack. I unloaded the truck (got help with the couch.. thanks Ellen!), got the bed frame on the floor and put the mattress on it, and have been playing xbox from that. I think I will rent some furniture when I get some cash so that I don’t have to buy and then move it when the contract is up. Moving heavy flippin’ furniture is not much fun, yo.

I miss my VA peeps. I know I hadn’t been hanging out with people much over the past couple months but there are things that were keeping me from doing so. Without going into too much detail, trust and relationships were the 2 big things that were holding me back. Oh well.

Back to studying.

Big news

So, I’m moving. I’ve put in my 2 week notice at MFX and my last day is August 12th, 2011. The weight of the decision revolved around being happy. Since joining the company there have been quite a few rough times where I just couldn’t seem to please anyone, which lead to things like threats of termination. Given that, and the fact I recently had to go to the hospital with chest pains, I thought it was best to move on. However, this was an extremely hard decision to make. I’ve been with MFX (including as a contractor) for over 6 years and have had my hands on a lot of projects. I felt like I’d been loyal. In reflection, it started off as a fantastic place and I actually ENJOYED going to work. Toward the end, and this is by no means the fault of my co-workers, I dreaded getting up in the morning. I simply wasn’t happy. I wasn’t necessarily ecstatic about having to worry about screwing up and losing my job. My advice to everyone – if it gets to that point, try to move on. There’s more to the story but that’s about all I’m willing to say on here.

The decision caused quite a few restless nights. I’m leaving the “stability” of a full time job that paid my bills. If I left, would I need to sell the house? If so, will it sell in this economy? Was there any opportunity I could take and still keep the house? Do I really want to move to another job and start all over? If I do leave, do I change career paths or try to move out of the administration field and up into I.T. management? Do I want to leave all I know for something new? That last question scared the crap out of me.

I was presented with an opportunity and thought about it quite a bit while the interview process was happening. I talked about it with several people, including a few co-workers. The opportunity is out of state so yeah, I would be leaving all I know, trying to sell the house, etc. Would the risk be worth the reward? The reward is a very healthy raise with a few other perks. The other part of the risk is that I would, once again, be a contractor.

After all the talks with family, friends, co-workers, and one other person (to be named later), I decided to take the position. I’ll be working in KY for the government. Basically, I’ll be doing the same thing I have been doing at MFX. I will not be working in the financial industry, so that’s a huge plus. The stress levels should drop quite a bit from what I understand. I hope it works out that way.

So now I’ll be moving. I’m trying to figure out the answer to the “will the house sell?” question. I’m currently packing, doing landscaping, and cleaning, and will be doing so until around August 18th. The start date at Fort Knox is August 22nd, so there isn’t much time to get ready. Anyway, I just pray that this will be the right move for my life and that I am not just being greedy. I’ve prayed for quite a while for something to come up and this could be just the move I need.

Wish me luck!