Training for the Open.

Here’s my new cue

Yep, I’m playing again.

I took a year off for multiple reasons. I had lost the love for the game due to the people, little action, work schedule, and lack of tournaments in the area. Now, I lived on pool while in Denver and did quite well. After coming back to Roanoke I found that I was on a whole new playing field. My game had improved dramatically (I’d beaten a few pros in Denver) and people here noticed immediately. Therein comes the lack of action. I also started playing a lot more one pocket but people were weary of my shooting ability. They knew I was capable of getting out from anywhere. This includes 9 ball, 8 ball, 14.1, and kiss pool.

So, a few years pass and I’m back to being a banger. I was playing a few times a week, not getting anywhere or any decent action, and, in general, not liking the game. There was no competition and, if I beat one of the top dogs, that ruined all my small time action. I decided to start playing poker. On April 15, 2011 the government of the US said that we couldn’t play online anymore. Back to pool.

Now it’s time to start getting serious. I am training for the US Open 9 ball tournament and looking for sponsors to help get me there. Overall I need to have around $1200 to help with accomodations, food, and the entry fee to the tournament. The only products I’m looking for are a break cue, some Kamui SS or Moori soft tips, and maybe an extra Predator 314-2 shaft (but can be an original 314). I’m willing to buy these items at a discounted price if you have them.

I know times are tight right now and people are strapped for cash. What I will do in exchange for sponsorship is put a patch (preferable held on by something like velcro) on my case or the shirt I’ll be wearing at the open. If you have a button up shirt (preferably black) with a logo, I’ll wear it. I’ll also help advertise by handing out flyers, showing samples, etc, in order to help generate income for your business. If you’re interested in watching me play or seeing a video, we can make that happen.

To contact me, please email or call 540-904-0789.