5.12.10 training – benching

Warmup with bands/stretching


Incline DB bench:
50’s x 8
70’s x 8
90’s x 8


Log clean – ~215lbs:
3rd time is a charm.

Face pull/belly pull

Pretty good day in the gym today. I just wanted to get some work in and test the rib for the first time. Everything went well, and there was no pain, so we’ll see how it does on squats/pulls this weekend.

So I got a new phone

This thing ROCKS!

I bought an HTC Eris Droid and have never been this impressed with a phone. I can do just about anything I want on here, including post on the blog, facebook, or twitter. I’ve already ssh’d to the host server to see if that works. Oh yeah, I upgraded to android 2.1.3 the day after getting the phone. Gotta love Linux 😉

Anyway, I think I’ll be keeping this thing for a while. It’s just sooooooooooooo sick!