We went to RBC to help Monte in his pursuit of a huge total at the SPF meet. He had a great day, hitting an all-time PR in the squat (925)and then pulling a decent weight that should be his opener.

As for what I did…

bar x a bunch
255×1, paused
275×1, paused

Standing lat pull

Training 7/7/9

[u]Pause squats[/u]
bar x2x6

Pushup to jack knife on swiss ball – 4×6
Reverse lunge to green band row – 4×6

Squat to db overhead – 4×6
CSB lats – 4×6

[u]Intervals [/u]
6x1min, short rest

Time to drop some lbs

So, my training partner has lost 20+ lbs in just 3 weeks from doing this diet we found. He’s looking pretty lean at 252lbs from a high of around 275. I have decided that I am trying this to see if it’ll make the drop to the 275lb class easier. Yes, I’m for real this time. Tired of being a fatass. Once I get there, who knows. Might drop down to 242!

If you want to know how I’m doing it, look up Alwyn Cosgrove. He’s the man and his programs seem to be worth every penny. The diet is called Warp Speed Fat Loss.

Check it out and I’ll keep you updated on the progress.