Meet report

First and foremost I’d like to say that this was a great meet. The spotters and loaders were awesome, tons of people volunteered to help others and everything went smoothly. The amateur day went a little long but that was the fault of the lifters, not the people running the meet.

Everything felt awesome in the warmup room and I knew I had a shot to hit some great numbers. It was very weird but I was calm the entire time – no nervousness or anything. I opened at 675 on squats and crushed it, but was just a tad high. This was my theme for the day. 705 was smoked but still a tad high and I called for a repeat. CT said “Absolutely NOT!” and called for 760. 760 was a struggle. I got it up and racked it but probably dipped a bit and might have been high – I have no clue lol. No big deal that I bombed out. I’m just happy to have been there and to have competed. I am not disappointed in my performance because I did my best. I do wish I had completed a squat but this is just the beginning for me…

I’d like to thank Mike for training with me, CT for his training advice and coaching during the meet, John Bott and Bob Youngs for not giving out gifts while judging, the crew from Big Iron Gym for helping out, Rob Luyando, Jim Grandick and Jo Jordan for just being cool people to talk with and God for keeping everyone healthy and safe throughout the meet.

Edit: If you look back at the meet report from January you’ll see that I got stapled 2 times with 600. This time I came up with 760 and might have gotten 800. GET SUMMA THAT! lol

Bench 08/08/08


add katana
45xa bunch
band stretches
off with katana. add bash single ply
add 1 board

Everything seemed pretty easy today but felt heavy. That’s what I get for screwing up my shoulder again. Good thing was that when I arched hard and stuck out the gut (even more than normal) I had no shoulder pain at all. Did the one board just to handle the heavier weight. 455 might be my 2nd attempt. Who knows? Going with the flow now..