Sports and steroids

The Mitchell report came out yesterday, 12/13/07, and people are pissed off. I’m not going into everyone who was reported to have used “performance enhancers” such as steroids and HGH, but I will throw some points and questions out there for people to answer.

Someone asked this question at work yesterday. Pretend for a moment that you’re a baseball player and you cannot see very well. You go to the doctor to get glasses and now see perfectly. Your batting average goes up. Essentially, were the glasses not a performance enhancer? It also enhanced your way of life and feeling of well being, no?

Now pretend that you’re injured with a torn (insert ligament/muscle here). HGH and steroids have been shown to promote recovery drastically. You read up on both and find there are no ill effects with HGH and only minor ones like acne with steroids. Should you be permitted to use these substances in order to recover?

Women on birth control or fertility drugs are taking steroids.

If something makes you feel better, look better and helps you in your everyday life, why is it illegal? Actresses and actors get plastic surgery every day. Are those surgeries performance enhancers, too?

Check out these video links and get your facts straight:

If the media and the government hadn’t blown things out of proportion with Ben Johnson and Lyle Alzado I have to believe it would be perfectly legal. Agree? Disagree? Debate it with me here.