Last Week – Squats

Quick warmup

Squats with spider bar
add low box and EFS pad
bar x 10

Standing Abs with medium band:

Blast Strap Rows:

DB Rows
3×10, 2×10 (right elbow bothering me)

Short and to the point session. The squats actually felt okay. Hamstring didn’t bother me a bit so I’m proclaiming that I’m ready to squat again. I am really going to focus on posterior chain and ab work for a while. Not sure about getting back into competing, but I want to get down to 275ish. When that happens, I’ll start focusing more on gear training. I will use gear here and there, but I would rather drop some weight first.

2.28.2012 Training

Decided to go strictly 5/3/1 for a few cycles until I’m 100% sure the hamstring is healed. This will allow me to get quite a bit of work in while testing (but not pushing) it. The numbers I’m using for this are as follows.

Squat – 405
Bench – 275
Deadlift – 405

These are really light numbers and that’s the point. Getting acclimated to the weights again for 2 cycles until I start pushing the numbers up. I fully expect to hit some decent raw numbers this year while getting my bf% down and getting under 300 for the first time in 5 years. I’ll be including a weekend day to do things like tire flipping, sledgehammer work, db farmer’s walks, stones (if they have them), and other strongman cardio work.

The April meet is out unless I go raw and just decide to hit some new numbers for 5/3/1. The hamstring set me back a month so I’m looking for something in the summer. That being said, here’s my pathetic log from last night.

Dynamic warmups

bar x 10
add belt
345×5 – Could have probably done 10 here but didn’t since I was making sure the hamstring would hold up. Weight felt light and I was exploding out of the hole. Good signs!

Seated hamstring curl:

10 minutes stretching

Hammer strength low row:
3×10 – light

KB swings
20kgx10 – tapped the kb handle with both hands at the top. Don’t ask… saw it on a movie and it looks cool lol

So, right after the hamstring curls I started cramping like a madman. Decided to take it easy for a few minutes, laid down in the squat rack, and put my feet on the upright posts to stretch. Gradually worked my way in until my legs were almost perpendicular to the ground. This gave the ham hocks a good stretch and I was able to continue.

Had to go into the “crossfit” room to do the KB swings. There were people in there using the tire so I wasn’t able to get a hold of that. It’s a huge tire but looks like it only weighs about 200-300lbs.

All in all, it was a good night. I fell asleep by 11pm, woke up around 6:30, and was wide awake. I finally got some quality rest and I feel amazing today. God bless you, squats. 🙂