Welding.. or attempting to weld

So, the floor of the foxbody has to be replaced. Since it is ruined anyway, I decided to practice mig welding the floor pan. Looks to me like it’s about 20-22 gauge steel. I tried using .030 wire with my Hobart Handler 190 on the lowest heat setting and wire speed around 40-50%. Well, that didn’t work so well. I kept burning through the pan. I did notice that if I went with short bursts it did better, but there’s no way in hell I’m getting a solid bead on that. After watching some youtube vids, I tried using .023 or .024 wire. That seems to work out a lot better. Still can’t get a good bead but I can tack it pretty easily. Think I need to turn the wire speed up a little bit more, though. I think I’ll be able to attach the floor pans pretty easily…

… if I can get the old ones out. In order to get the old ones out there are about 60 spot welds that have to be cut out. I bought 4 spot weld cutting bits and went through 2 of them getting 4 of the welds out. LOVELY. Guess I need to find some that are more stout.

to be continued.

Mustang floor pan

Pulled up the carpet the other day on the passenger side to notice that the area where the rear of the seat mounts is rusted through. Also, there’s a very clean cut/rip on the drivers side right next to the trans tunnel. Looks like I’ll be trying to repair this.

Took out all of the carpet. It smelled like stagnant water and mildew. Really should have used gloves and a respirator.. oh well.

Time to replace it all.


Passenger side floor pan.
Drivers side floor pan.

Mustang build

As some of you know, I purchased a 1990 Mustang LX a while back. It was NOT as advertised by any means. The first thing I wanted to do after driving it around some was check out the engine. We pulled the pro products upper intake manifold off and there was a TON of aluminum shavings inside of it. Then we pulled the lower off and noticed it had solid (flat tappet) lifters. That told me all I needed to know about that engine so I started searching. Ended up buying a TFS 170 headed engine off a guy in Lynchburg, VA. He said it had been freshened up, which seems accurate as all cylinders tested around 145ish. I also ended up buying parts (and a junk car) off a few other people to make sure I had everything needed. We swapped in the new(ish) engine, put another rear end in it with a 4.56 gear, and took it to the track. Continue reading “Mustang build”