Bad news

Well, shortly after my last blog some stuff happened that was completely unexpected.  I tore my right bicep distal tendon (elbow) completely from the bone.  Had surgery 2 weeks ago and it was unsuccessful. The doc said that the tendon was too shredded and short to be reattached.  Called up the office of Dr. James Andrews, who’s worked on Bo Jackson, Roger Clemens, etc., and they wouldn’t see me because I was fresh out of surgery.  Cadaver tendon isn’t an option due to the stresses that tendon gets plus the body would probably reject it.. so I’m stuck without the large head of the bicep.  This Thursday I meet with the doc to see what I should do about getting the other head up to par strength wise.  As of now, it’s predicted I’ll lose about 30-40% strength.  

That being said, there’s been nothing really done on the cars.  I did mess with the mustang a little prior to the injury. The dash and heater core are all out.  Once all that wiring is yanked out I’ll finish up the floors.  It’s kinda nice having more room to work.