More stuff done

It’s been a while since my last update.  My mom and bro came down over labor day weekend.  We got the old engine out of the Mustang and a few things done on the focus.   About a week or so later I ended up buying a new tool box so that Mike can have his old top box back.  I’ll end up using the bottom box as a welding cart.  Should make it easier to move around with the AHP.

Over this past weekend I bought some ramps and a few things needed to change the oil in the truck.  The ramps from O’Reilly’s are great and highly recommended.  They are some type of plastic material but it held the truck great.  They do tend to slide so definitely kick them up under the tire pretty well before ya go up on em.

Yesterday I decided to start eliminating engine bay wiring.  I took out the MSD 7AL-2, the extra wiring for that, the headlight harness, starter wiring, solenoid, coil, airbag sensors, etc.   There is still a bunch to do but I’ll have to get the transmission out before I can do the rest.   Once all of that is done I’ll start cleaning up the holes in the engine bay and inner fenders.   Also, I decided that I’m going to go with Haltech for engine management.  I like the MSPNP a lot but there’s no point in using the nearly 30 year old wiring harness.  The Haltech will come with everything I need and will offer all the support options I’ll probably ever need.  Once funds are freed up I’ll get all that going.

So, the fofo is about done.  Just needs the following:  1) Finish installing support bearing (need a nut) and oil pan,  2) install SVT header and flex pipe, 3) get the radiator & lower support put in correctly, 4) go back over everything and tighten bolts/nuts, 5) get/install new sway bar endlinks.  Since the weather is getting cooler I should have plenty of opportunities to finish it up without dying from the heat.

Soo, that’s it for now.