Stuff was done.

Well, I ended up getting a few things done.  

This was Wednesday afternoon

My brother has decided to come down to pick up some parts.  Knowing that I’ll have to use the same cam (short block I bought has a solid roller and my heads are setup for hydraulic roller), I figured I’d get ready to pull the engine so we can get the cam out.  Took off the fiberglass front end and upper intake (and throttle body) on Wednesday.  Today I tackled taking off the rest of the stuff.  

As you can see in the pictures below, I removed the lower intake, rockers, lifters, and pushrods.  When I removed the lower intake there were 2 bolts on the passenger side that were pretty damn loose.  I’m sure I was losing some boost pressure there.

After we get that engine out I get to start the fun.  I plan to have a mostly shaved engine bay and to redo a lot of the wiring/routing of wires.  I’m sick of having something that doesn’t look clean at all – see first pic.  We did it that way to get it to the track and now it’s time to do it “right”.

The last picture is the new short block.  I’ll get some pics of the mocked up setup once the old engine is gone and I can get some dowel pins for the heads.  While the engine is out I’ll also check out a few things with the transmission and try to move the dipstick a little bit.  That thing presses right up against the valve covers so it HAS to be transferring heat from the downpipe.  The downpipe also touches the valve covers.  That’ll be fixed as well.

Anyway, enjoy the pics.  Also, send me a text or email letting me know there is someone actually reading.  If no one does, I’ll just keep move this to a computer in the house so I don’t have to pay for hosting anymore.

What’s this beast?!