Stuff happens.


I went to Virginia on the 5th of May. I had planned to stay the week. You know, spending some time with the fam, pick up the trailer and the mustang, and come on back here. All was going well until Friday. I’d decided to leave a day early because I didn’t want to drive through Knoxville and Chattanooga with the car and trailer in the middle of the day. So, I changed the plan to leave Friday after dinner with mom.

Got the car all loaded up on Thursday and set off to my bud’s house on Friday. Got there, spent a few hours chillin with him and his boy, then set off to meet mom for dinner. Sitting still at a stoplight, and on bluetooth with mom, I look in my side mirror and see a truck coming up on me. It wasn’t necessarily speeding but it was going faster than it should have, since it was coming up on people who were sitting still. I hear tires crying out for help, see the guy go completely sideways, and told mom I’m about to get hit. I tensed up – like a death grip on the steering wheel. I wonder if Richard Hammond is driving.. and.. Sure enough, right into the side of my truck with the front end of his. T-boned while sitting still.

There were 3 vehicles involved and everyone is okay. The driver of the truck that hit me was taken to the hospital to get checked out. The other vehicle’s occupants were also taken off but everyone is fine. The truck had hit me so hard (right on the fuel fill door/neck at around 30mph) that it broke two of the four 3000lb straps I had holding it down. The car actually moved back about 18″ on the trailer, so we’re all lucky it didn’t go flying off. You know where the ball goes on the hitch? Yeah, the hitch was bent as well. There was no damage to the mustang or trailer that we could see. So my bud and I get the car back up on the trailer, strap it down with the remaining 2 straps, and after the EMT’s moved their vehicles I pulled off the road into the DMV parking lot. My brother, mom, and stepdad show up to see everything that happened. Buddy’s wife showed up with some crackers since I was shaking and hadn’t eaten that day.

So I spend an hour on the phone with the insurance company, get the towing going, and end up going back to my bud’s house. I flew back on Sunday because I was mentally shaken up. I could have gotten a free rental car but..yea, I didn’t feel like driving at all. Him and his family did their thing over the weekend while I rested and played with puppies. Flew back Sunday and the girlfriend picked me up. On Monday, got calls from my insurance company and the at-fault driver’s company. They plainly stated he was at fault and everything will be paid for besides my airfare costs.

Fine with me – I was not in the right mental state to drive anything. I did get a rental on Tuesday. It’s been a week since the accident and I have driven from the rental car company and to the grocery store. That’s it. All in all, I’m just glad everyone is okay. I just want everything to be done at this point. Total the truck out? Okay with me. Fix it and give me depreciated value? Fine by me. I just want to feel comfortable driving again. I want to get the mustang and trailer down here so I can get to work on putting the roll cage in it. I want to go to Indy to get the new short block for that car. I want things back to normal.

I did go to a chiropractor yesterday. They put me on a rolling table thing that really works the back. Then they did some E-stim, which felt so good I nearly fell asleep. He then adjusted me for a good 20 minutes and scheduled a follow-up appointment for next week. I’m pretty much fine. I think I may have a rib out of place in the upper right back area, but that is an older thing that happens from time to time.

All in all, yep. Keep on truckin’.