Wow, it’s been a while…

Just a quick update for the past 2 years…

So, I really don’t know who’s reading this or who was reading it at one point. Doesn’t matter – I should update more often. I guess I should start from 2016 and work my way to the present.

My brother moved in with me toward the end of 2016. I started coaching with HVMS as a line coach. I still haven’t gotten the Focus back on the road. I was jamming with a band called Liquid Courage and we actually had a few gigs. We’d learned probably 100+ songs and sounded pretty good. Mostly covers, though. I also kept jamming with Dave and Rusty, and Crystal when she was around to throw down on the bass. Oh, I also purchased a 1990 LX 5.0 Mustang and immediately threw a nitrous kit on it. 302, TFS heads and intake, F303 cam, AOD, 4.56 gear. It did pretty well at the track on a 150 shot, running 7.48 (or .49) at around 97mph. The bad part is that the idiots who had it before me had screwed up the transmission. Soooo, I got a C4 and never really got it right until 2017. I also ventured into tuning the car with Megasquirt PNP via That was a very good learning experience and it seems pretty badass.

2017 comes around and I decide to order the on3 turbo kit, injectors, etc to make the mustang run better. We get the turbo kit installed, I’m tuning it, and we have transmission heat issues. So I get a trans cooler. No big deal, right? So after we take it to the track and can’t get a single pass because of the transmission, we decide to pull it out and get it rebuild. Trans guy said the bolts holding things together were too long, allowing the converter to move too much. New bands and steels and she’s ready to drop in. I pretty much stopped working on it at that point. We replaced the entire stock suspension with UPR things. I’m fed up with the HOA and people being bitches.

I’m still jamming with LC. Got an offer to coach at the HS level. Knowing I’m going to move, I turned down the position and told the guys in the band that I was moving 7hrs away. Family and friends are bummed but I know it’s the right decision. I move to Alabama around September and keep moving things down there through October. We did a lot of work at the house to make sure it would sell, including painting the garage, epoxying the garage floor, etc. Put the house on the market and it gets an offer on the 3rd day. Got lucky. There were some hurdles but the house was officially sold in December. Makes me confident that moving was, indeed, the right decision.

2018. I’m in Alabama. GF had put an offer on a house and it was accepted. She goes through all the hurdles of getting that done and I’m doing what I can to advise her. She did really well, imo. We move (again) into the new house toward the end of January. House has 2 garages; one attached and one detached. Both can hold a couple cars. She claims the attached and that’s fine with me. I still don’t really know anyone down here except 2 of her friends. I want to learn welding so I have the electrical checked out in the house and garages. Get a welder and have the wiring fixed so everything is safe. New insulation was sprayed into the attic. We decided to get the windows replaced and that cost quite a bit of money. It went well, though, and they look a lot better. I bought another Husqvarna lawn mower as I left the other one in VA with Brookman.

I recently ventured out and found a gym and pool hall. Both places seem pretty nice. GF took me to dinner at Texas de Brazil for my birthday. Hands down, the best meal I’ve had in a restaurant. So good. Highly recommended. Going back to VA in May to pick up the Mustang and spend some time with the fam. I also put a downpayment on a 327 Dart IE short block (3.25 stroke, 4.00 bore) for the Mustang. Should be able to pick it up mid or end of May. I will be throwing the TFS 11R 190 heads on it and seeing what kind of HP/TQ I can make. I know for a fact I’ll need to upgrade the rear end and transmission. I will also need to install the roll cage, subframe connectors, and anti-roll bar. This is why I am learning how to weld. Also got the Focus running. Had to order some new exhaust things so I got the SVT header setup. I’ll put that on after I fix an oil pan leak. It’ll start being my DD once I throw the blower back on it.

So, for anyone who’s reading, that’s the update. I’ll try to keep the updates going more often and maybe post some clips of me playing music. So far, so good down here. I’m liking it. I just need to meet more people.