One star for GuitarCenter

So I ordered the amp from the website and I thought I’d have it within 7 business days like the site said. Uhm, after 5 days without a tracking number, I called up GC and asked what was up. They told me that it was back ordered and would have to be shipped directly from the manufacturer. At first I figured, no problem… until they told me I wouldn’t see it before February. WHAT?? I just locked up around $700, on which I’ll have to pay interest, and you’re telling me I won’t have it in the time specified? Please.

I canceled the order.

After a couple days I decided to check the credit account and noticed it hadn’t been refunded. Suspicious of what was going on, I called up GC again and they said that the first guy didn’t cancel the order properly. They had to cancel with the manufacturer first and then the charges could be reversed. It worked out in the end, after over 2 weeks of me emailing support and them NEVER responding. The only way I could get through to them was with a phone call and, even then, it was a hassle.

GC, you need to have the software on the site that will automatically count how many of each item is in stock and subtract it after one is sold. This would have saved me a couple weeks of being a pain in your patootie. Needless to say, I’ll have to be pretty hard up to do any business with you again.