New amp purchase

So, I bit the bullet and bought a new amp. One thing I’ve noticed from playing with this band is that my 75 watt Line 6 Spider III combo with a single 12″ speaker just isn’t keeping up. It’s got some really nice effects and all but it has no balls. At halfway on the channel and master volumes it sounds like the speaker is going to blow out from the bass. I can’t have that.. My uncle and I were looking at the Kustom cabinet that dad left me. I swore for years that it had four 10″ speakers in it and wouldn’t handle the kind of power a nice tube amp would push though it. Well, last night we both realized that it had 12″ speakers in it. WOW! So, after calling Kustom today I found out that it’s rated for 4ohms. I had my eye on an amp the past couple days and decided to place the order after finding out it can go from 16ohms, to 8ohms, to 4 ohms. This should be perfect. It’s all tube, 120 watts and, from what I’ve heard, sounds fantastic.

Anyway, it should be here sometime next week. I really can’t wait to play it through the 4×12 cabinet and see how much it rocks. Now I just hope that the speakers (original from the 1970’s) hold up. 😉

Without further ado, here it is. The Bugera 333XL Infinium.

From the Bugera website:

The 333XL / 333XL-212 is the big brother to the 333 Series, with four key additions:

Overall active Presence control.

Comes loaded with EL34 power tubes for a more compressed, tighter midrange.

Noise Gate on Lead channel. This is an ANALOGUE gate that will never close or shut you off in a clean passage. It is designed to decrease high frequency noise and hiss without changing your tone and it works loads better than a lot of competitors’ gates.

XL switch on Crunch and Lead channels. The XL function will add more “chunk” to your sound. You can add some thunder to the combo version to more closely emulate a 412 cab, thicken the sound of single coil pickups or add sustain to single-note melodic passages.

After that, this design is much like the 333 with three fully independent channels: A totally Clean channel that won’t break up; a Crunch channel for a “halfway dirty” rock and blues tone (or crank the gain for a metal rhythm tone); and a Lead channel with the same structure as the Crunch channel, but with access to more gain. Each of these channels has its own volume feeding the overall master volume, giving you total control over the level of each.
INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier Technology

Our revolutionary INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology is like having your very own technician inside your amp constantly monitoring and tweaking tube performance for the ultimate in tonal integrity and reliability. This revolutionary circuit not only optimizes the performance of each output tube, it dynamically balances the drive between them to more evenly distribute the load. With INFINIUM, your tubes last up to 20 times longer, saving you substantial money over the lifespan of your amplifier. INFINIUM also compensates for the effects of aging, automatically adjusting current levels to keep your tubes sounding as good as the day they were installed.

If and when a tube does reach the end of its life, the system even tells you which one to replace. All you need do is replace the faulty tube and let INFINIUM take care of the rest for you. This all adds up to more consistent sound quality and longer life for your tubes. Maintenance for tube amps has never been this easy!

Hand-built 120-Watt amplifier driven by 4 x EL34 tubes (convertible to 6L6)
Modern 3-channel preamp design (Clean, Crunch, Lead) featuring 4 x 12AX7 tubes for boutique clean and face-melting hi-gain tone
Integrated high-class reverb is assignable per channel and has a dedicated Reverb control
Revolutionary INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology: – Extends the life of your amplifier’s expensive power tubes up to 20 times. – Provides incredible reliability and consistent tone over the complete lifespan of your tubes – No need for expensive matched tube sets – Allows you to mix and match any combination of compatible tube types and brands – Monitors performance of each power tube continuously and displays defective tubes to allow for easy and individual replacement
XL switches on the Lead and Crunch channels for killer low end control
Adjustable Noise Gate available on Lead channel
Fully independent Equalizer sections for each channel with dedicated Bass, Mid and Treble control
Classic Presence control for efficient midrange sound shaping
Remote controlled FX Loop with adjustable Send and Return level also serves as Boost function
Heavy-duty footswitch for Channel selection and FX Loop/Boost function included
Line output with dedicated Level control
Impedance switch (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any speaker cabinet
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life