Training 10.24.12

Back in the gym again.

Warmups – band work

45×10/10/10 (wide, regular, close grips)

light band pushdowns
Blast strap rows

Combo – DB press to Tate press

Arms wasted. This was all done while on my 8th day of carbnite. That means I’ve had 0 carbs for the past 8 days and I was running on fumes. Felt good to get in the gym but I got really moody afterwards. Carbnite is coming on Thursday so I expect the training that’s done on Friday or Saturday to be beast. Think that’ll be a squat day. 🙂

After this initial 10 days on carbnite is done, I’ll be switching to every 5th day. This should provide a nice change of pace and I’m hoping my clothes start getting really loose. We’ll see, though, as I don’t really have much strength when it comes to food. Praying that I get the strength to keep this up and get down to around 280ish. I don’t know where I am now because I don’t have a scale. I do know that my clothes kept getting tighter and that’s not good. I know I’m down a few lbs from when I left KY but I have more to go. I’d like to eventually get to around 250lbs and look like this guy here:

Dave Tate

Wish me luck.