Poker post of the year

Originally Posted by RockstarRossi on’s forums.

Let me see if I follow the action as you are attempting to share:

You have bought in for $100 into a game that has stacks 300+ big blinds deep so you feel comfortable with your shortstacking abilities when this incredulous spot arises…

You look down at the AsKs from under the gun and since you have built your initial buy in up to two and a half stacks of blue-collar society you decide to limp in, hoping to trap your unsuspecting $1/$2 opponents.

To your surprise everyone is just limping in behind you, no one is raising to allow you to spring your trap upon the braindead dolts. SOMEBODY RAISE, your brain screams silently, amirite?

Hallejulah just when all hope seemed lost, the BB made it $10 to go to try to steal the pot from all the weak-ass limpers. Booom, you go to work coolheaded and calculated like a military general and align your soldiers up for the attack. After glancing over the $2 in front of you, the $2 from the first limper, the $2 from the next limper, then back to the $10 from the BB raise, you make your move by placing another $10 into the pot on top of the first raise of $10 and on top of your initial $2 wager.

Although he was second to limp into the pot, the man immediately next to you takes another look at his $2 invested and weighs and counter weighs his odds before sticking in the rest of his hard fought $106.

Yesssssss, you think loudly to yourself, IT WORKED!! I GOT HIM NOW!!

The third limper, eating his casino burger and diet coke purchased with his hourly comps, now sets his meal aside to study all the monies that lay befor him in the pot. While licking the catsup off his right thumb and fingers, he garbles to the dealer that he is all in, and proceeds to move his piles upon piles of $5 wagering discs out in front of his cards with his left hand, one stack at a time until all $600+ are in the pot.

Ohhhhh noooooooos!! What happened?? What is going on? How has my plan backfired? I thought I was the one who was going to limp/trap these unsuspecting old farts and recreational players, or some thought similar to this has now crept into your confused and spinning mind, amirite?

Then, just when you thought it wouldn’t, IT COULDN’T, get any worse, the original player to raise, the one who started this now train-wreck of a preflop spot goes into the eternal timebank before finally he shoves his stack into the middle.

Now you are left to ponder the incredible so-sick, SO SICK, spot that has emerged after your plan to limp/3bet with AKs in a $1/2 game has been foiled. Ruined. Now what?…

So, if I followed the action correctly, as your OP stated, as played, it is clearly a spot that since you started the session shortstacking you should put your stack into the pot, slam your cards over face up as you stand up, and, while removing your sunglasses and hood, yell ONE TIME, at the dealer.