Irish Football 9.19.12

Game night.

Going into this game I was really hoping that people would do what they were told and execute. Block, tackle low, and hit the hole hard. That’s pretty much all we’re asking as coaches.

I’m not doing a full recap. We lost 28-0. Twenty. Eight. to. Zero.

I’m extremely disappointed in the lack of effort. I’m extremely disappointed that kids can’t get to the field anywhere near the time we are supposed to be there for warm-ups. I’m extremely disappointed that there is no desire. I can’t teach heart. I can’t teach desire.

I just thank God that none of the players were injured. We had 3 come out – 2 with head to head contact and one with a wrist that got stepped on. No bones broken and no concussions. I’m very thankful that everyone is okay and none of these were serious.