A Change Within

A few months ago I read a blog on the website of a prominent personal trainer. The blog had to deal with inspirations and how to give your absolute best when doing something. Attached was a video that you can watch here:

Pretty awesome stuff, huh?

Well I decided to search out the movie and download it. Yeah, I know that’s wrong but I wanted to see it.

I watched this movie over and over. Yep, it’s a good movie, but I can’t explain why I kept watching it over and over. So I started thinking that maybe there’s something else. We know I like to analyze things way too much but it’s what I do 🙂

So the months pass. My awesome training partner, Mike Brookman, kept talking to me about going to Biker Sunday at his church. During this time I started talking with his buddy, Chris Taylor. For those who do not know Chris or Mike, they’re both avid powerlifters and have devoted their lives to Christianity. I began becoming more eager to talk with Chris about everything, not only because he’s an elite level powerlifter, but because of the things I’ve read about him.

This brings us to last Sunday. If you have read my blog you’ll know that I had to dump the weight during squats. It was moderately heavy but nothing I haven’t absolutely destroyed before. What you don’t know is that before I even unracked the weight I had doubts. Then, I missed it and got stapled to the box. I left the garage, ready to quit lifting altogether. On Monday night, 7/21/08, I started talking with CT (Chris) and he mentioned that Satan does this to people. He started telling me about a talk that him and Mike had about me. Mike had told CT that he thought I would really benefit from being a Christian. CT, at that point, had not committed to the powerlifting competition in which Mike and I were competing. Shortly after the talk CT started having heart palpitations. He knew at that time that he MUST go to the meet because, in his words, “Christ will have an profound impact on your life”.

I was blown away.

We talked more and I suddenly began realizing that my anger, frustration and general hatred of life were something that could be cured by finding peace within. Chris seemed to have an answer to every single question I had. Then CT showed me this video:

Yes, I’m a “big, strong powerlifter” (not really), but I had tears coming out of my eyes. What do you do in that situation? Watch again. I ended up watching the video about 5 times Monday night, once before I went to work on Tuesday and once AT work before I went to lunch. I’d talked to TJ, another close friend of mine, and I could sense that he was wondering why I was watching videos like that, but at the same time seemed to be smiling through the IM conversation. I left for lunch, ate at Quizno’s and couldn’t get the talk or video out of my head. So what do I do? I carried my butt home and watched the video again. At 4:32 in the video I started balling like a baby. Yeah, the guy who won’t show emotion to those who try getting close, cried. Anyway, I went into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth when I looked in the mirror and said outloud, “What are you waiting for?”

I went back to the computer, started up the video and asked Jesus to come into my life and heart, help me, and to forgive me for talking so badly about Christians for all those years. At this point I was crying again because I was listening to the video. No more than 10 seconds later I’d stopped and realized that I felt no stress. I felt no anger. I felt no hatred. As weird as it is to say, I felt immediately changed. I was finally at peace with myself.

I immediately started texting and messaging people to tell them what happened. TJ invited me to his church group and I told him I’d go after I got off work. It was amazing. We watched a video that absolutely stunned me. As I stated before, I analyze everything. When I saw this video I was utterly speechless. It is worth viewing, even if you’re not a Christian, simply because of the science.

If that doesn’t prove that there’s something to what happened to me I really don’t know what can. I’d always looked for proof of God. Who knew the proof would actually be within each of us?

I have to say thank you to Mike and Chris for showing me the way.